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Enjoying a time with friends

This morning our friends hosted a wonderful farewell brunch for us.  It was delightful!  Lizzie made luscious crêpes, giving us a selection of toppings such as raspberry/chocolate and nutella/banana, accompanied by real whipped cream, of course!  Then there were scrambled … Continue reading

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Enjoying dim sum together

Today it was our privilege to be the guests of several friends at the Spring Villa in Markham.  We enjoyed a wonderful dim sum experience.  Now “dim sum” is hard to define so I am going to direct you to … Continue reading

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The end of the double double

As our sojourn in Toronto comes to an end, we will miss our visits to Tim Hortons that have “fueled” our experience here.  No matter what the native language, every Torontonian can understand  “double double.”    This is the ideal … Continue reading

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Easter; death and life; and wonderful friends

This is the hand-decorated Easter egg I received from my friend, Lizzie, today.  On one side is the faint shadow of the Cross.  It reminds me of Jesus’ death and the price He paid that my sins and the sins … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bridge

I have always liked bridges.  Although I cannot always say that I like going over them or looking down to the water from a great height.  I do like them not to wobble. But the concept of a bridge is … Continue reading

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Mighty Niagara

Psalm 93:4 says that “the LORD on high is mighty.”  He is “mightier than the thunder of the great waters . . .” Well, after standing at the top of Niagara Falls on both sides of the border (not at … Continue reading

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Lunch with friends

Joyce and I were privileged to be guests of Tyndale with several faculty friends for an appreciation/farewell luncheon today.  The food was good and the conversation was fun.  We are thankful for this kindness and we will certainly miss these … Continue reading

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Who are we?

Last Saturday we attended a birthday party for our 3-year-old neighbour and were expected to wear something creative.  Well, this must be us!  In case you cannot figure it out, we are an Australian “cowboy” and a rich beach lady!  … Continue reading

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Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

I recently had opportunity to read the commencement speech given in 2005 by Steve Jobs at Stanford University.  I really like stories as a way of presenting a truth and I especially like personal stories because they are often a … Continue reading

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Gasoline on the pricey side

I paid $1.295 Canadian per liter of gasoline this morning at the Petro Canada station.  I spent more than $50 and did not get a full tank. Since one gallon US equals 3.785 liters, the cost of gasoline computes to … Continue reading

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