Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

I have always liked bridges.  Although I cannot always say that I like going over them or looking down to the water from a great height.  I do like them not to wobble.

But the concept of a bridge is certainly interesting.

Bridges connect states and provinces, connect people, and connect parts of a city.  And, in the case of the Rainbow Bridge, they connect countries.  Actually this bridge, just down river from Niagara Falls, only connects the U.S. and Canada in a limited mechanical sense.  It is the people who live on both sides that need to be connected.  And since I like the people on both sides, I need a bridge.

In the time we have been living in Canada, we have had to use various bridges to get places–the main ones being the Ambassador, the Peace, the Rainbow, and the Lewiston bridges.  Some of you know these bridges well.

Well, the question for today is, what kind of bridge do you need today?  Or, perhaps instead, what kind of bridge will you be today? Sometimes a bridge is a smile, a word, a look, a note, a handshake, or a “text.”  (I am just starting to think about texting.)

Build a bridge today; be a bridge today!

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1 Response to Rainbow Bridge

  1. Dale Ball says:

    Excellent post! I agree that we need to be a bridge to others. Thanks for putting it so clearly.

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