Mighty Niagara

Psalm 93:4 says that “the LORD on high is mighty.”  He is “mightier than the thunder of the great waters . . .”

Well, after standing at the top of Niagara Falls on both sides of the border (not at the same time) this past weekend, I know something of the “mighty waters.”  And, if God is mightier than that, He is pretty awesome.

We also toured a power station in NY where we learned that a lot of water is channeled from above the falls to make hydro-electricity and then back into the gorge below the falls.  Interesting.

We were also able to make a side trip to Fort Niagara.

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3 Responses to Mighty Niagara

  1. Phil says:

    Did you get your picture taken using the webcam at the electric facility?

  2. Adriel Driver says:

    Beautiful pictures of the falls! And it looks like you were having fun!

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