The end of the double double

As our sojourn in Toronto comes to an end, we will miss our visits to Tim Hortons that have “fueled” our experience here.  No matter what the native language, every Torontonian can understand  “double double.”    This is the ideal for Joyce–“a large double double.”  Do you get it now? . . .  That’s local lingo for two creams and two sugars.  See . . . you are speaking Torontonian that quickly!

Tim Hortons, started by and named for a rather famous 1960’s era hockey player, is a place where groups of retired men meet to share their experiences, where school kids stop in and work on their homework, where hard-working people swoop by for a cup of coffee and a doughnut at the drive-thru to give them the energy to make it through the long commute, and where couples enjoy a break and catch up on life.   Tim Hortons is the Canadian equivalent to a sidewalk cafe.

We will miss these escapes and the merging of so many languages and nationalities in one small restaurant.  Tim Hortons will survive without us; but, will we?  A few of them are creeping into Buffalo.  Watch out New York!

If you are interested, you can

. . . . TLT

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1 Response to The end of the double double

  1. Dave Heughins says:

    Try Duncan Donuts? or is it Crispy Creams in TN?

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