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The Grotto

Yesterday we visited “The Grotto”, a beautiful prayer garden on a hillside in Portland, Oregon.  Here are some of the pictures from that tranquil site.  Statues of Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Francis, and many others stand among towering pines.  Jesus … Continue reading

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“Decorations” for Kai . . .

As the birth of Kai approached, Joyce made a number of beautiful and practical items for him.  These are now in use or ready for use.  The following pictures will give you some idea of a grandmother’s love.  TLT

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New grandson–KAI

Well, the long-awaited laptop finally arrived at the door here in Oregon so that I am now able to download pictures, check my email, and send you a post of our recent life. I will not say much; just send you a couple … Continue reading

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The Church Alphabet–Epilogue

THE CHURCH ALPHABET TO READ ALL 26 POSTS IN ORDER CLICK HERE Epilogue As we conclude our look at these 26 words of The Church Alphabet, we need to note that God speaks through words.  His great and ultimate book, … Continue reading

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The Church Alphabet — Zion

Click here to read article:  ZION

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Wrestling with Truth — September 2, 2012

MALACHI (chapters 1 – 4) IS THERE ANY HOPE? 1.                 [The people of Israel]  . . . were doubting God’s love 2.                 They were dishonoring God’s name 3.                 They were profaning God’s covenant 4.                 They were trying God’s patience 5.                 … Continue reading

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