Easter; death and life; and wonderful friends

Gift from my friend, Lizzie.

This is the hand-decorated Easter egg I received from my friend, Lizzie, today.  On one side is the faint shadow of the Cross.  It reminds me of Jesus’ death and the price He paid that my sins and the sins of all people might be forgiven.  On the other side of the egg is a butterfly in full flight.  This symbolizes the new life that is available to all who trust in Him.  Death and life.  That’s what Easter is all about.  Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice, your love, and the hope you offer us.

Lizzie gives me this gift at a pivotal time for Timothy and me.  We will soon say good-bye to our life in Toronto and the friends we have made here.  Good-byes carry some symbolism of death.  I will be sad to leave my friends.  They have blessed me and given meaning to my days.  Lizzie has been a very special friend; I very much hope that our paths cross often in days to come!

But this good-bye provides, as well, opportunity for a new life to begin.  We also have wonderful friends waiting for our return to our “new” home in Wilmore!  One such friend wrote to me recently on Facebook, “Come home, long lost sister, come home!”  It doesn’t get much better than that!  So, I’m trying to see beyond the sadness of this moment–to anticipate the new life and renewed friendships that tomorrow promises.

My heart is full of thanks to God for the blessing of wonderful, caring friends.  And, thank you, Lizzie, for your loving present!

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