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Celebration at Shakertown

We celebrated Joyce’s birthday at Shakertown yesterday (Monday). This is a special “refurbished” community about 9 miles from our house. The attached pictures will give you a visual experience of what it is like. People come from all over the … Continue reading

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Wrestlng with Truth September 11, 2011

CONSIDERING EVIL  (Deuteronomy 19) As we observe how the Israelites went about setting up their community and culture, there is much to learn.  However even with guidance from Moses (and God) there were still many challenges for them and subsequently … Continue reading

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Thanks for dreary days

The last three days have been deary.  Some suggested synonyms for dreary are bleak, cheerless, chilly, cloudy, cold, comfortless, dark, depressing, desolate, dire, disconsolate, dismal, gloomy, forlorn, glum, lonesome, miserable, morbid, morose, murky, solemn, somber, sullen, and sunless.  Not all … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Truth September 4, 2011

PRINCIPLES OF GIVING Based on Deuteronomy 14 – 16: 15:2, 3             Love God’s people 15:4                 Remember God’s kindness 15:5                 Obey God’s word 15:6                 Trust God’s promises 15:9                 Keep your heart right There are significant consequences … Continue reading

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