Robins and Peonies 2

IMG_7628Dear and Faithful Reader:

It saddens my heart to tell you that “my” little robins did not make it.  The original three eggs ended up with only one fledgling and he/she has “passed on.”  I think that the wind and chilly rain were responsible for this unhappy circumstance.

Reminds me of the old British rhyme, “Who killed Cock Robin?”  If you do not know of it, you can read it at:

Let me include this further peony picture in honor of our final little bird.


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3 Responses to Robins and Peonies 2

  1. Melanie Kierstead says:

    Aw! You always teach me something! Thanks, TLT!

  2. Dale says:

    I know how you feel. We have robins that nest every year in our carport and I watch to see how the eggs and babies develop. I take it very personally when they do not make it…

  3. Shirley McMillan says:

    Aww! I’m so sorry about the little ones’ sad end. I hope Mr and Mrs Robin are already starting a second brood — or clutch, or whatever the term is for a family of robins.

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