Robins and Peonies 1

Spring has finally arrived and my mowing is going on apace.  Joyce’s flowers have blossomed well — her Dogwood, her Peony Bush, and my Apple Blossoms.  I will leave it to you to figure out which is which in the next three pictures.   In addition a family of robins is developing in our ivy.  The pictures below will show their ongoing growth.

The Robin Family at the moment — more pictures to come.

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3 Responses to Robins and Peonies 1

  1. Dexter Porter says:


    You need to mow, trim and help outside in general. Taking pictures of Joyce’s hard work does not qualify for yard work credit.

  2. yan chan says:

    Good to see your garden growing, Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers and all the natures. Make sure you and Joy have the time to enjoy your own garden.

    Have a great spring season!


  3. adrieldriver says:

    The series of robin photos is incredible! I look forward to showing it to the girls!

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