Beaters and Beautiful Gifts

We are coming close to being settled in.  How can it take this long to make a transition?  Well, one of the troubles is that Joyce spends so much time in the garden and I have to mow the lawn (repeatedly!). That leaves less time for organizing stuff. Smile.

One of the great mysteries has been the beaters.  Where could they be?  How can Joyce make a cake without them?  She has more than one set of beaters that go with her big counter-top mixer but they are still not the right ones — one set is for skinny stuff and one is for dough.  I was asking, “Will we have to order a new pair from some expensive place?”  We had both searched every cupboard and closet and drawer but to no avail.  Saturday, I got to thinking about going at the problem “logically.”  What place could the beaters be that we have not explored.  I remembered that some small things were put in my furry Canadian winter boots.  Maybe the beaters would be there?

No, not there!  Nor in Joyce’s boots or any of her shoes.  I then started on her extra purses and voila, there they were, the long lost beaters!  What lady keeps a set of beaters in her purse?  This lady was ready for all occasions, it seems.

With the finding of the beaters, we are ready to settle in and empty one final box.  The final box is filled with beautiful gifts from our dear Tyndale friends — presents and cards and letters.  A teapot and cups, rice bowls, a memory photo album, a Bible, and the Many Horses autograph stamp and more.  See the pictures of these beautiful items.  Each one is a testimony to the love of friends and colleagues.  We are thankful . . . TLT

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1 Response to Beaters and Beautiful Gifts

  1. Patti says:

    That is so funny! I am glad the beaters were found! Joyce, you will never live that one down!

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