Not going to work

This is a new stage of life  —  not going to work every morning.  How can that be? — there is always work to do.  Oh, what I mean is not going to work for pay.  I am still working;  just working at some different kinds of things.

But I like going to meetings, developing proposals, and calculating various statistics.  Oh well, I will have to make my own meetings, proposals, and statistics.  There is a lot on the social security and medicare front to be calculated over the next several months.

Let’s just say for now that I am not working for the summer.  Who knows what September will bring??  Maybe some new opportunity.   In the meanwhile, there is father-in-law’s grass to mow!

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7 Responses to Not going to work

  1. esther says:

    looking good!

  2. Adriel Driver says:

    I think you said it exactly … you’re simply not working FOR PAY! Knowing you, I’m sure you’ll always find work to keep you busy.

  3. Dave Heughins says:

    Hey Tim!

    You’ll get over it – and soon wonder how you ever found time to work at all! I strongly recommend pushing grocery carts – if you can find a place that will hire you. Great fresh air and exercize! Then next thing you know you are adjunct teaching or something. Or you could write a blog?


  4. Joan says:

    Father-in-law’s grass has been mowed may 31 with heat about 100 Degrees.

    It is now being raked. J

  5. Sujin Yang says:

    You look wonderful Dr. Thomas in new format of busy life!
    I can’t imagine you idling although sometimes we need to idle for health reasons. 🙂

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