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God, the Gardener

God, the Gardener October 8, 2014 Joyce Louise Thomas The beauty of God’s creation gives me a lot of joy. But while I absolutely love the springtime, I used to dread fall, because it meant that winter was not too … Continue reading

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One of God’s creatures

Last night I discovered a large moth affixed to our porch wall.  It was about 6 inches across the wingspan.  I have never seen one like this outside a zoo or museum. I thought someone might enjoy seeing this special … Continue reading

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Robins and Peonies 1

Spring has finally arrived and my mowing is going on apace.  Joyce’s flowers have blossomed well — her Dogwood, her Peony Bush, and my Apple Blossoms.  I will leave it to you to figure out which is which in the next three pictures.   In addition a … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Truth — December 16, 2012

Today in Wrestling with Truth, we addressed the theological themes in the great hymn: Angels from the Realms of Glory.  The text was written by James Montgomery (1771-1854) and the tune, Regent Square, by Henry Smart (1813-1879). The themes of … Continue reading

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