Recent Creations

ImageWhat do you do when there is no one to tell you what is next on the to-do-list?  When you are totally free to create your own world?  I have this luxury quite a bit of the time and very often what I choose to do is sew.  To me each time is like accepting a challenge—can I really accomplish this project?  It’s also a means of creative expression.  Quite honestly, I’m not very good at independently coming up with original ideas, but I’m very good at following directions!  Yes!  That must be my special skill set.  Give me a recipe or a pattern (or an experiment—this harkens back to my chemistry days), and I can probably come up with something reasonable.  Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy of late with some of these sewing projects and since I like to think they are at least a partial expression of who I am, I’d like to share them with you—so you can know me better.  If you’re interested, please click on to see a new page.  It contains some of my creations from the last year or so–like the owls to the left.


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3 Responses to Recent Creations

  1. Sandy LeGrow says:

    Wow Joyce, you have an amazing talent. I love them all but I especially love the quilt second row from the bottom on the left. Keep sewing.

  2. Barbara Copes says:

    What beautiful work Joyce. I am so impressed. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  3. David W Heughins says:

    Unfortunately, I have nearly 40 projects on my list and can’t seem to accomplish any of them!

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