Travels — Day 16

We are in Ontario, Oregon, on day 16 of our trip. After driving up the Oregon coast from Eureka, California, we stopped at Rockaway beach, Oregon, for two days with Sarah and her family, and then turned inland to Newberg for several days at Sarah and Clint’s home. We picked blueberries, walked in the woods, and played with Kai, our new grandson, born September 2012.

On Saturday, we enjoyed the Newberg old-fashioned parade. On Sunday, we worshiped with the Newberg Friends. On Monday, Evan surprised us with a speedy trip up from Phoenix. We played several family games. These always delight and/or disappoint, depending upon the outcome!

On Tuesday, we set off from Newberg on our way to Jeremy’s home in Pocatello, Idaho, and then back to Salt Lake City for the flight home. We visited Multnomah Falls (impressive), the Pendleton Wool Factory (very interesting), Farewell Bend State Park (nice, but in a ghost town), and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, up in the bald mountains of eastern Oregon. It visually and audibly described the sacrifice and challenges of the people who traveled the Oregon Trail west in the 1800’s. We passed an immense cement factory and reached 100 degrees on the car thermometer.


Newberg Parade


Multnomah Falls


Pendleton Wool Factory


Cement factory showing austere countryside


Temperature hits 100 degrees


Wool Blankets


Some of the family


Oregon Trail

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3 Responses to Travels — Day 16

  1. Sandy LeGrow says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us, it made me feel like I also had taken it.
    I can’t believe how much your sweet grandson Kai looks like Timothy, what a lovely family picture.
    Travel safely.

  2. Dexter Porter says:

    Timothy, Are you shaving on a regular basis? Multnomah Falls – good shot Stay cool Later

  3. Dale says:

    Pictures look great! Family looks even better!!

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