Travels — Day 3


We are currently ensconced in a refurbished 1930’s cabin in the woods of southern Oregon about 20 miles south of Crater Lake.  No TV, no A/C, no cell phone. But the trusty Wi-Fi is working—some of the time. Don’t feel too sorry for us . . . less TV is good.

Earlier today Joyce did a bit of reflection:  We are driving across one of many flat basins that characterize northern Nevada and south-central Oregon.  The biggest basin we crossed this morning was about 55 miles wide.  In Nevada these valleys were surrounded by bald hills.  Now we have moved into an area where the hills look like they need a shave.  Lots of stubble!  We just passed through Adel, Oregon.  The scariest part this morning was the 8% road incline into a huge arid basin.  The side of the road was pretty much a drop-off and the road was very curvy!  At another point, what we think was a large coyote dashed across the road in front of us.  It has been very deserted along our route today –amazingly so.  The huge distances and stark landscape are breathtaking.

IMG_8161 IMG_8187

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  1. David W Heughins says:

    It’s a big country, isn’t it? Talk about scary: we did the “Going to the sun” highway in Montana. Breathtaking scenery and Marie with white knuckles in the passenger seat!


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