Wrestling with Truth — March 3, 2013

looking upWrestling with Truth considered Luke 21 today.


(Luke 21:28 NIV)  “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

The following statement of comment is from G. Campbell Morgan, Searchlights from the Word.  New York:  Fleming H. Revell Company, 1926, p.356.

“What, then, are the things which are to produce in the disciples of the Lord the hopeful look, and the erect and confident bearing?  They are the things which make men faint for fear, the things that make for the distress of nations, the things of storm and upheaval, the things which are characterized by the trembling even of the powers of the heavens.  The Lord said that all such things are processes in “redemption.”  When wild confusion is all about us, God is surely at work, and is moving forward by necessary upheaval and turmoil towards the realization of His steadfast purposes of love.  This certainty comes only of faith; but the foundations of faith are the Lord Himself, and the vindication of His words already vouchsafed to men in the passing of centuries.

In view of these facts, we realize how “feeble knees,” hands that “hang down,” and all depression of spirits, are unworthy of faith, and dishonor of our lord.  A true knowledge of God through Christ changes all the outlook, and

What seemed to us mere wild confused Babel
Becomes a fire-tongued Pentecost
Proclaiming, Christ is able!

In the midst of all turmoil and the disturbance of human affairs, those who trust the Lord will “look up” and walk with heads erect, knowing that “redemption draweth nigh!”  This does not mean in any sense that they will be callous.  They will enter into all the experience of the pain, feeling it most acutely; all the while knowing that it moves forward to deliverance and new life.”

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