Wrestling with Truth — October 28, 2012

Wrestling with Truth considered Luke 7 today.   We looked at the various “models of devotion” contained in this chapter.

  • The Centurion who sends some Jewish elders and then some of his servants to Jesus to request healing for his servant.
  • The mother whose son has died.
  • The disciples of John the Baptist who come to ask Jesus if he is really the Messiah.
  • The Pharisee who invites Jesus to a dinner at his home.
  • The sinful woman who comes to the dinner uninvited and weeps over Jesus’ feet and covers them with expensive perfume.


Jesus loves all types of people and seeks to meet their needs.

  • Faith can be expressed as believing (creeds, knowledge), trusting (experience, feeling), and doing (will, behavior).
  • The centurion’s servant is healed because of the centurion’s faith.
  • The widow’s son is raised even without a request.  With compassion, Jesus sees and meets the need.
  • Jesus fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah by his deeds and clearly demonstrates his Messiah-ship.
  • Jesus challenges the misconceptions of the Pharisee.
  • Jesus affirms the forgiveness of the sinful woman.


Jesus asks the Pharisee, “Do you see this woman?”  and then commends both her love and her faith.  This is a call for us to see people beyond the obvious, beyond our preconceived notions, and at a depth that can enable us to be the channels of Jesus’ love that helpsbring about the transforming power of love.


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