Highlights from our travels to the West

We are soon to return to Kentucky from our western travels.  We have seen a bit of six states on the way:  Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington.  I am attaching ten pictures to give the flavor:

  1. Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  We were able to walk on the beach several times and had beautiful sunny weather which was a special treat for Oregon.
  2. The confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.  This was not clear due to rain, fog, and wind.
  3. Astoria Bridge which connects Oregon and Washington.  Very poor visibility at the time of our visit requires me to borrow a picture from the internet.
  4. Old Faithful in Yellowstone.
  5. Teton Pass from Idaho into Wyoming.  10% grade on both sides; enough to cause a little anxiety.
  6. The Grand Tetons; beautiful views.
  7. Tetons viewed form Jenny Lake.
  8. Bear Lake which straddles eastern Idaho and Utah.
  9. Snake River Canyon was beautiful with many colors and many rocky crags.
  10. Snake River provides water to a big part of southern Idaho and eventually drains into the Columbia.

God has made a beautiful world for us to see and enjoy.


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