New grandson–KAI

Well, the long-awaited laptop finally arrived at the door here in Oregon so that I am now able to download pictures, check my email, and send you a post of our recent life.

I will not say much; just send you a couple of pictures of “Kairos Zachariah”, a.k.a, “Kai”.  He has come at God’s timing, thus the name.

I (TLT) have been rocking him quite a bit (not as much as others but a lot for me) and I noticed something that seems important.  We get him wrapped tightly to make him feel safe.  Every now and then he seems to try to burst free of his “bonds” or “swaddling clothes.”  He pushes until he meets resistance.  Then he relaxes in the comfort that there are limits to his hand and foot wiggling.

Maybe there is a theological principle here.  We often wiggle (or push) against the limits that seem to be a part of our life in this world and then we are gently reminded that the apparent limits are the boundaries that God has set for our protection and safety.

Kai was born on September 13, 2012 and he seems to be having a good time.  22 inches, 9 pounds.


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5 Responses to New grandson–KAI

  1. Sandra says:

    Congratulation Dr. Thomas! You are grandpa again. My sister gave birth to her 1st child who was born on Sept. 12th, just one day older than Kai. Unfortunately the Dr. found a birth defect with his left kidney and he has to go to Sick Kids Hospital for further tests. It is sad to see my nephew suffers at such a young age. Just want to share with you!

  2. Yan Chan says:

    Congrats Dr. Thomas and Joyce. Kai is soooo cute. New life, new beginning, new experience, …..
    Good to see both of you in the pictures and you guys just look grrrreat!!!

  3. Sandy LeGrow says:

    Congratulations to your family. How adorable, it makes me want another grandchild. Joyce, I have a feeling you probably made the cute blanket he was in. Enjoy your bonding time.
    Love from Stouffville

  4. Victoria says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy…and blessing!

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