The Church Alphabet — Understanding

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3 Responses to The Church Alphabet — Understanding

  1. Sandy LeGrow says:

    Timothy, I really enjoy your writings. I am looking forward to a copy someday of the complete “Church Alphabet” in a book form.
    Question— Why do we say “Holy Catholic Church” when saying one of the creeds?

    Blessings Sandy

    • Dear Sandy:
      The phrase “holy catholic Church” used in the Apostles’ Creed and recited every Sunday in some denominations means that we believe in the Church with a capital “C”. In no way does this refer to the Roman Catholic Church. The word, “catholic”, means “of the whole”, or “universal”, or perhaps “world-wide”. The Apostle’s Creed is helping us to affirm that we believe in the whole Church, the Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the head of the true and whole Church. When denominations and when people in those denominations affirm this truth they can thus be a part of the true and catholic (universal, world-wide) Church.
      Some people have changed the wording to read “holy Christian Church” and that is reasonable but does not maintain the ancient tradition of the word catholic. The word catholic reminds us of the continuity of our faith from the earliest times of the Church, specifically in the book of Acts up to today.

      • Sandy LeGrow says:

        Thanks Timothy for taking the time to explain, it sure helps me understand.
        Love ya, Sandy

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