Crocuses before the storm

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Today is Friday, March 2, 2012, and we are supposed to have another big thunderstorm with potential for tornadoes.  A bit early in the year for this but .  .  .  We had one of these earlier in the week and it passed (except for the rain) mostly to the north and south of us.  Hopefully this one will do the same.

While I am “waiting for the storm,” I took these pictures of our crocuses in the front yard and our neighbors’ daffodils.  I am sure they won’t mind my including them here.  Aren’t they all beautiful?  Thank you to God for his continuing creative powers and his wondrous choice of colors.


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1 Response to Crocuses before the storm

  1. Nancy Ellwood says:

    So refreshingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Thank the Lord for sparing us the damaging effects of the storm. Prayers for those who are dealing with the aftermath today!

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