Flying around the eastern United States . . .

We have been traveling quite a bit since Christmas.  Joyce has made three trips to New York and one to Florida.  I have been with her to Florida and twice to New York.

Getting to Elmira, New York, requires traveling from Lexington (KY)  to Charlotte (NC) and then on to Philadelphia (PA) before landing in Elmira.  Most of the flights are “lots of fun” as we bounce through the air (they call it turbulence).  Actually, the flights have been pretty good except for every now and then when the bouncing happens.  Joyce believes it is going through the clouds, I think it is going over the mountains.   We have had flight delays and late crews and so on but our eyes have been widened to the life that some people have to live in airports all the time.

On this recent trip, we were able to assist in taking Joyce’s Dad to an oncology/hematology specialist in Rochester (NY) and we are hoping that some great good will come from that.  The reports and treatment plan are still in process.

The weather this winter has been pretty mild so we have been able to enjoy good temperatures in most places (at least for the time of year).  We are starting to see crocuses (croci?) and daffodils around Wilmore.  They are always an encouragement.  Here is a picture of a couple of crocuses poking their way out of the mud and dead leaves in our front yard.  Spring is on the way!

We are thankful to God for his protection and blessing over these many miles.


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2 Responses to Flying around the eastern United States . . .

  1. Dave Heughins says:

    How is John? He’s still on my e-mail list, but hasn’t responded for a couple years.

    My daffodils came up in the middle of January, but are in suspended animation – no blossoms.

  2. Adriel Driver says:

    Let’s just say the crocuses and daffodils are no where NEAR to coming up in North York!

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