Solving problems

From Joyce . . .

I am all about solving problems.  In fact, I admit that that’s sort of how I look at life:  What problem/challenge will I address next?  That’s why, when I read from the devotional book given to me recently by a dear friend, I was caught short.  Sarah Young, in her book Jesus Calling, says this:

  • Do not let fixing things be your top priority.  You are ever so limited in your capacity to correct all that is wrong in the world around you  Don’t weigh yourself down with responsibilities that are not your own.  Instead, make your relationship with Me your primary concern.1

Lord Jesus, today help me to care more about resting in you than about conquering my world.


1Sarah Young. Jesus Calling, (Thomas Nelson, 2004); reading for November 30.

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4 Responses to Solving problems

  1. Noel says:

    I need to hear and think that every day.
    A verse I go to often is John 6:28 where Jesus answers the question of what works we should do.
    “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

    We probably make things harder than they should be. (A wise person often told me, “Don’t be too helpful.”, i.e. try to fix everything for everybody.)

  2. Nancy Ellwood says:

    Joyce, I read that devotional this morning! I am SO enjoying Sarah Young’s writings and often hear a word for the day through her. She seems to speak from a place very near God’s heart! I, too, am trying to see my relationship with God as the most important aspect of this day and the ones to come. Thank you for sharing! Nancy

  3. Sandy LeGrow says:

    I love this and I need to remind myself of this every day. What really matters is my relationship with the Lord, and if I put more energy into that then I would be concerned less with trying to “FIX” things.

  4. Adriel Driver says:

    Wonderful thought, Joyce. I often read that book, too… We’ll have to catch up soon by phone!

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