Ontario, New York, and Kentucky Travels

After a speedy trip to Toronto and then back to Elmira, NY, I am now in Wilmore, KY.  I zoomed the whole 655 miles from Elmira to Wilmore in one day which is too much since it exhausts me for the next day as well.

The time at Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto was a blessing.  So many good friends on the staff to visit.  Dare I make a list of the people I talked to? . . . well, there was Brenda, Becky, Jane, Sharon, Mandy, Scott, Steve, Bryan, Sandra, Richard, Eric, Daniel, Warren, Barry, Jason, Ben, Yan, Daniel, Nancy, Barb, Joanna, Karen, . . . and . . . probably a few more I cannot remember or I just was able to wave to.  What a joy to have so many Tyndale friends and to see so many in a short visit.  I also miss a few who have moved on to other positions.  Toby and David, where are you?  Chi-Ling, where did you go?

Besides lots of shop talk there was a wonderful dim sum lunch at the Paradise restaurant.  Joyce did very well with her chop sticks!  Except for the jello.

Joyce is continuing on in NY caring for her parents.  Her father fell today but is okay except for aches and bruises.  Pray for them if you think of it.  She and her sisters are carrying a big load.  I will be teaching a class on the Book of Ruth this Sunday and then there is mowing the lawn and organizing and processing the mail . . . and getting some rest.  Fixing a few things and . . . Who said that I would have lots of time?


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4 Responses to Ontario, New York, and Kentucky Travels

  1. Sandy LeGrow says:

    Timothy, the drive would have been easier if you could of fueled up with some butter tarts….
    Glad you arrived safely.

  2. CL Chan says:

    Dr. Thomas…. Apparently, we just missed each other that day! >___<
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Dave Heughins says:

    Jello with chopsticks? LOL!

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