On Sturgeon Lake

As part of our Toronto escape, we spent this past weekend with our wonderful friends, Sandy and Lorne.  Sandy and Lorne actually live about 35 minutes from Tyndale University College and Seminary in Stouffville.  We arrived at their home early Saturday afternoon and in just a little time hopped into their car (well, as readily as old foggies like us can  . . ) and headed to their “cottage” near Fenelon Falls.  About an hour and a half later, we arrived to begin our mini-holiday in their eight bedroom, nineteenth century retreat home.   Here are some of the happy highlights:

–sausages and whole grain pancakes
–the luxury of an inviting pink and white duvet comforter
–Lorne’s personally prepared pear cookies and chocolate drenched, candied saltine crackers
–Timothy playing old hymns on the piano
–billiards–Timothy and Lorne had a great time!
–blazing logs in the fireplace
–air hockey
–two Kim Hollingworth DVD’s–she is an awesome pianist.  We argued and argued about how old the videos were and what her present age might be.  Lorne and Sandy won after a check of the internet when we got back to civilization.  (Sorry, Timothy!)
–walking through Sturgeon Point Village in the rain–still amazingly beautiful!
–vinyl records with old gospel songs played on a turntable
–black squirrels and wizened corn stalks
–new grass sprouting that Lorne recently planted
–true worship at Fenelon Falls Baptist Church
–fun antique shops in Fenelon Falls
–buttertarts and coffee in New Britain–like going back in time fifty years

Monday afternoon we trekked back to Stouffville with lots of fun memories.  Lorne and Timothy were still acting goofy in the front seat.  Sandy and I, of course, were more appropriate.

Thanks, Sandy and Lorne, for a wonderful weekend.  We love you!


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3 Responses to On Sturgeon Lake

  1. Yan Chan says:

    wow! What a wonderful trip and get-away you guys had and you deserve a break like this. Thanks for sharing all those happy moments and the wonderful food! I’m drooling actually and I’m very hungry!!

  2. Lorne says:

    Just in case anyone wants to find the
    Buttertarts ‘n More
    1037 Little Britain Road
    Little Britain, Ontario
    K0M 2C0

    Timothy called it New Britain…he must of been on a sugar high when he read the map. Its worth the drive if you have a sweet tooth.


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