Thanks for dreary days

The last three days have been deary.  Some suggested synonyms for dreary are bleak, cheerless, chilly, cloudy, cold, comfortless, dark, depressing, desolate, dire, disconsolate, dismal, gloomy, forlorn, glum, lonesome, miserable, morbid, morose, murky, solemn, somber, sullen, and sunless.  Not all of these apply, but I think you get the idea.

Valley View Ferry

At the end of last week, we had two record-setting days with temperatures above 95F (35C).  So temperatures less than 60F (16C) have been quite a switch.  With continual rain for three days there has been little opportunity for yard-work.  That will come once the sun comes out.  The grass, I am sure is starting to grow again.  Mowing is coming!

We did use Monday (Labor Day) for a trip to Berea, Kentucky, and a casual tour of the many craft shops.  Quite enjoyable in spite of the rain.  We were able to use the ferry route to get there but came home the long way.

On a so-called dreary day, there are still many things to enjoy.  Going to the dentist tomorrow will not be one of them.  Some of the enjoyable, and “thankful” things are:

  • a reliable car with new brakes installed by a good mechanic
  • a good WiFi linked computer which enables communication
  • learning to “text” by cell phone
  • a postal system which delivers our mail faithfully
  • good music on vinyl records which can be converted to CD’s and enjoyed in the car
  • listening to piano hymns on CD by Virginia Brubaker
  • time to try to make sense out of the Book of Deuteronomy
  • strawberry cake with vanilla ice cream
  • stir-fry chicken with onions and sweet peppers
  • space to put things
  • time for Joyce to make a stuffed teddy-bear
  • opportunity to get some things out that have been packed away for a long time
  • time to “digitize” some of the old slide photographs and edit them into a screen saver
  • time to read one of Clive Cussler’s adventures
  • time to get ready for our next trip to New York

I am thankful for the so-called dreary days because, when the sun comes, I will get to enjoy mowing and gathering falling leaves.


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4 Responses to Thanks for dreary days

  1. Adriel Driver says:

    Good post, Dr. T! Being thankful for the not-so-obvious things. The not-so-sunny days…
    And I’ve been to Berea, KY! Back in highschool when I took a work-trip to the Appalachians. 🙂

  2. Dave Heughins says:

    Hi Tim

    Dreary here, too. Got hundreds of slides. Is there a economical way to digitize them? Got a stereo from Salvation Army to play my records, but the tapes are wearing out.


    • I have tried a number of experiments but the best I have found is to show the slides on the wall (good white background) and then photograph them with a digital camera posed on a tripod. Camera needs to be below and in front of projector to avoid extraneous light from projector. Works well! I picked up a couple of turntables from garage sales and enjoy records here all the time. Right now I am listing to “Alfie”. Bought a few boxes of records — also at garage sales. Pretty cheap but quality entertainment. I also run the records into my computer and then make CD’s to play in the car. TLT

  3. Larry and Susan Barber says:

    Joyce, Belated birthday greetings! Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Susan & Larry

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