Grass, a flower, and a blessing

Since Joyce is away in New York, I am supposed to be in charge of watering the flowers.  Fortunately for me, the grass is still green in spite of the fact that there has not been much rain.  Usually the grass here is brown by this time of year–maybe that “brownness” will come in August.

However, there was a surprise in the back yard.  Yesterday, “the mysterious flower” appeared again, even without my watering that spot.  Amazing.  I wonder what it is?  It just shows up every year very politely.  Smile.

Here are some pictures of what the mysterious flower looks like.  I think that God sends it as a visual blessing to encourage me.  Could that be?

Then, there are the phrases from Mrs. Cecil Alexander’s hymn:  “All things bright and beautiful . . . the Lord God made them all . . .  each little flow’r that opens . . . He made their glowing colors . . .  ”


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2 Responses to Grass, a flower, and a blessing

  1. Patti says:

    Timothy, that is an August lily. It might have another name, but that is what I know it by. Strange, aren’t they? No leaves, just flowers at the top of a tall stalk!

  2. Janis Riffell says:

    Ahh! You have a Resurrection lily! They have also been called magic lilies but I like Resurrection. The heavy sword-like foliage comes up in spring then dies back, so you forget it was ever there. Then–usually the first of Aug. (everything is quite early this year) –the bloom shoots up. One time I entered a stalk of SEVEN uniform blooms in the county fair and won a ribbon! Imagine that 🙂 Janis Riffell

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