Wresting With Truth July 17 2011

BLOOD  Genesis 12

(outline from Derek Tidball, The Message of the Cross)

What does “exodus” mean?

Why could it be a problematic concept?

  • exodus without passover
  • liberation without the blood
  • salvation without the sacrifice
  • freedom without the cross

What does the Passover account reveal about the nature of God?

  • the faithfulness of God to his word
  • the compassion of God for his people
  • the justice of God among the nations
  • the power of God over the world

What are the verbs of deliverance (Brueggemann)

  • brings out
  • rescues
  • delivers
  • saves
  • redeems

What are God’s instructions?  (the substance of the Passover)

  • a time is set
  • a victim is chosen
  • the blood is applied
  • the flesh is eaten

What are the achievements of the Passover

  • judgment for a sinful people: God is judge (v. 29)
  • defeat for an idolatrous people: God is living (v. 12; 1 Peter 1:18-19)
  • protect for a threatened people:  God is redeemer (v. 20)
  • deliverance of an oppressed people:  God is Savior (v. 51)
  • creation of a holy people:  God is Lord (ch. 12)


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