Appalachia revisited

This week is a highlight of our year because our grandchildren, Ben (9) and Adah (6) are spending the week with us.  As doting grandparents, we’re trying to do our best to give them a fun-filled vacation.  Friends, who live just outside Wilmore, knew the kids were coming and invited the four of us to spend an overnight at their rustic cabin built near the top of the Kentucky River Palisades (escarpment).

What an adventure!  The log cabin was handcrafted in 1986 from poplar logs dragged from a mountain in eastern Kentucky–real Appalachia.  It is intentionally rustic–no running water and no indoor toilet.  But not to worry!  Everything was prepared with the greatest care.  There was an outdoor “dry sink” for washing and a remote toilet “fit for a queen”! And, of course, there was a great stone fire circle carefully laid with sticks placed in such a way as to meet the strictest Boy Scout code!

We arrived last evening.  After sharing watermelon with our hosts and getting oriented a bit, they left us on our own.  We roasted marshmallows over the fire and made yummy s’mores–a real hit with the kids!  Then, by lantern and flashlight, we read another chapter in one of Mimi and Bapa’s (alias, Joyce and Timothy’s) favorite kids’ books, Treasures in the Snow.  Then off to bed.  Ben and I, being the more adventurous, climbed the handmade ladder to our cozy loft.  Well, it was really initially pretty humid, but cooled down as the night went on.  Adah and Bapa, being the more demure members of the party, slept below.

Spider in dry sink

Morning came.  We ate our simple breakfast of pop-tarts and granola bars, walked out of the woods, and moved rapidly back into civilization.  But each of us holds special memories that will carry into years to come.  Thanks, Friends, for your very loving hospitality! . . . jlt

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1 Response to Appalachia revisited

  1. Adriel Driver says:

    Sounds like an ideal adventure! Good for you.

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