Wrestling With Truth June 19 2011

Natural Bridge, Kentucky

Well, in spite of pouring rain and much wind outside this morning, the WWT class went on as scheduled.  Today, we began a series on the main themes of the Old Testament.  We considered Genesis 1 and 2 on the topic of LIFE.

Some thoughts to think about:

  • It all begins with God.  He is the Creator.
  • God, through His Spirit, moves from formlessness and chaos to order and structure.
  • God expresses Himself as Trinity — as CREATOR, as WORD (LOGOS), and as SPIRIT.
  • God as Author/Creator demonstrates his power throughout all scripture.
  • There is a home for mankind.  There is work to do — caring for the garden and naming the animals that God brings to man.  Man is not to be alone.  He walks and talks” with God and with woman.
  • Mankind is made in the image of God.   As such, he is special.  This is expressed in capacity (such as rationality, speech) but primarily in relationship.  It is characterized by complementarity, mutuality, creativity, and fruitfulness.
  • Other ideas in the passage include majesty, mystery, food, blessing, goodness, time, Sabbath, marriage, stewardship, transcendence, and immanence.

We have begun a good conversation about theses ideas.  We now embark upon further themes from God’s written Word.

The picture is of Natural Bridge in Kentucky — a unique geological formation that includes a scary path across the top. . . . TLT

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2 Responses to Wrestling With Truth June 19 2011

  1. Sandy LeGrow says:

    Don’t get any idea’s about Lorne and I crossing that bridge when we come down.

    We wish you lived closer, we would go to your class. I think you are an amazing bible teacher, what a gift.

    Love Sandy

  2. Oh, the stone bridge (arch) is about 20 feet wide so if you walk in the middle you are safe. There is also a chair lift to get you there which is easier than walking up all the way which we usually do.

    If you are here on a Sunday, we will expect you to attend the SS class along with church! Smile. Thanks for the kind comments about the WWT class.

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