Wrestling With Truth June 12 2011

I was back to teaching the “Wrestling With Truth” (WWT) Adult Bible Fellowship this morning.  Since today is Pentecost, we sang a verse of “The Comforter has Come”  to warm up and then all five verses of “Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me.”   We were a bit shaky on the second tune since the piano was out in the hall (due to VBS furniture rearrangements) but next week it will back and our singing will be better.

The WWT is a unique class with many wonderful, thoughtful people in it that are certainly willing to jump into the conversation.

Today, we were looking at Saint Peter’s Pentecost sermon in Acts 2 which has links to Joel 2 and Psalm 16 and 110.  The connection between these OT prophetic passages and Acts 2 raises a number of  questions of hermeneutics (interpretation).   Here are a few issues to think about:

  • What does it mean for Joel and David to be making prophetic statements in their own times and then how do those statements “work” within Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost?
  • How does the NT relate to the OT?
  • How Christocentric is the Old Testament?  How do we (should we) read NT ideas back into the OT?  Is this what Peter is doing?
  • How about the doctrine of inspiration?  Is the Bible the product of “dual authorship”?
  • How do we look at the OT text from a NT Resurrection point of view?

Well, we did not answer these questions — but we thought about them a bit.  Isn’t it great to have a friendly context in which we can raise these issues and talk about them?

Do you have any thoughts you want to share? . . . .  TLT

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1 Response to Wrestling With Truth June 12 2011

  1. Dave Heughins says:

    Yes Tim, I do miss the intellectualism of a college church Bible study, but our Church has some pretty awesome SS classes, too. Great spiritual depth, even though the education ranges from special-ed on up. I take notes. Then the oldt-timers meet on Wednesday night, taught by a rotation of late-vocation ministerial students. Takes them weeks to do a chapter. Rich in experience mixed with some academics (one is in seminary). But I still miss CNC. I remember when Alex Deasley alternated in chapel several weeks with Arnold Airhart: filet mignon every day! And the faculty lounge!

    Dave Heughins

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