Beautiful people

I am sitting here looking at the slide show of all the beautiful people at Tyndale and listening to the Boston Pops playing their usual mood music (for some of you, that means “elevator music”).  So many good memories of working together on myriad projects .  .  . thanks to Sharon and all who helped in putting the side show together.  I have it set as a screen saver on my computer for the next while and so I see your smiling faces regularly as the pictures cycle through.

Would you believe that the weather has been colder here than it is in Toronto?  But that will change soon.  It is just a cool, damp time here and the flowers, grass, and weeds are growing at quite a pace.  This is what one could call “English weather.”  There will have to be lots of lawn work as soon as the sun comes out.

Yesterday was the day for lots of transitional paperwork on the car and drivers’ licenses which is now done and we are thankful.  Joyce managed to “catch” a stomach bug over the weekend, so our progress has been a bit slower than she would wish.  But wonderful friends here already had goodies on hand for us to eat, which we have really enjoyed and appreciated.

Our great thanks to all of you who helped in the transitions with moving and loading boxes and taking us out to eat at such special places and also the farewell reception and cake.  We are so blessed and loved!

The pictures are of the overgrown garden except the last one which represents Yan’s lunch at the Jerusalem restaurant . . . . TLT

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