Packing and traveling

We made the trip (650 miles; 1000 kilometers) from Toronto to Wilmore safely, arriving here today a little after 5 p.m.  We had lots of rain — sometimes rather heavy — sometimes just drizzle.  There was no cruise control on the truck, so it was a challenge to keep it running at a constant speed and for Joyce following along trying to keep pace.

However both the truck and the car had no troubles but used lots of gasoline which tends toward the expensive (under-statement), as you all know.

The countryside here seems a little like a jungle (green and overgrown) since there has been so much rain.  We will have plenty of mowing and trimming to do.

The pile of mail is overwhelming but most seems to be advertisements.

Thanks to all those who helped with the loading and packing.  I am sorry that we cannot reveal your identity to the world without a security release.  Nevertheless, we thank the Lord for all of you!  And He knows who you are. . . . TLT

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6 Responses to Packing and traveling

  1. Sandra says:

    Glad to hear that you are home safely. We’ll miss you both.

  2. Mandy says:

    Dr. Thomas and Joyce, we miss you!

  3. Yan Chan says:

    Hi Dr. Thomas & Joyce,

    So glad that both of you arrive home safe and sound. Home Sweet home no matter what. So good that you can take your time to put it back the way you want. Please keep us updated though I know you must have endless home welcoming parties!

    And many thanks for the parking permit. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful heart. I will keep the permit as well as the sticky note together as a sweet memory and also remind myself that God always put lots angels around me and my family.

    Thanks and take care and keep in touch.

    yan 🙂

  4. Dave Heughins says:

    Been there and done that – 15 times since last we met! Too bad I couldn’t have been there to help! I’m a pro at packing trucks. God bless U-Haul!


  5. Patti says:

    Welcome Home! Yes, it is rather like a jungle around here!
    Glad to have you home. Hope the groceries help a little while you catch your breath!

  6. esther says:

    you got home ok despite the rain the scary gas price!! the last picture cracked me up. so comforting to see this post – keep unpacking, opening mails, and updating!

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