Visions of Talbott House

Less than four days to go! It will be sad to leave our friends here at Tyndale. They have embraced us as family and we are forever grateful. The happy part is that more friends await us back in Wilmore. How blessed we are! A friend here in Toronto, thinking about us moving back “home”, was wondering what our home in Wilmore is like.  So for her, and perhaps others of our friends here, I’m including some pictures of Talbott House.  Sure will be good to be able to work outside in my own yard! . . . jlt

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1 Response to Visions of Talbott House

  1. Adriel Driver says:

    Oh, yay! It’s so picturesque. And cozy looking. I want to come stay at the “Talbott House B&B”!

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