Well, we are in the midst of cardboard boxes.  Not really that many since we are not moving a whole household of stuff–only an apartment’s worth.

I have always liked cardboard boxes.  They are just nice and you can use them to make stuff like forts and armor and science projects and also use them as places to store junk you do not need–ever.

I have this theory that there should be a finite number of box sizes.  Everything in the world should fit into a small, medium, or large box.  The fact that there are an infinite number of sizes and shapes of boxes insults my structuring of the universe.

Then, there is the battle with Joyce over keeping boxes.  She is for getting rid of them right away.  I am for keeping them (the nice ones) in case I have to send something back or in case I have to move something sometime.  Computer boxes are definitely defined as “nice”–in case you are wondering.

Now, for this move, I am making Joyce put almost everything in a box — no loosey-goosey stuff.  That will, of course, make the truck easier to pack.  (Speaking of geese, several Canada geese couples have hatched their goslings on our campus doorstep and thus are spending or have spent a lot of time squawking to keep us humans in check.)  In truth, it does appear that there are some things that will not fit in boxes but will have to go on the truck anyway.

Oh well, this is sounding a little obsessive compulsive.

I guess I will go and pack another box! . . . . TLT

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