My sweet friends

My sweet friends, Sheri, and Josh and Nyah, came by this morning to say good-bye.  During this past school year I’ve been “helping” Sheri with homeschooling her two—Josh who is six and Nyah who is five.  (Of course there’s also Scott [Dad], but he’s busy all week trying to keep Tyndale’s facilities—physical plant—running well.  Not a small job!)  Sheri and Josh and Nyah and I have typically spent a morning each week together.  We’ve played with magnets, we’ve tried to grow flowers from seed, we’ve colored and decorated Easter eggs; we’ve played the games Set and Ten Days in Asia; one week we went to the Ontario Science Center; and yesterday we went to Edward’s Gardens.  Josh and Nyah have been my surrogate grandchildren—mine are woefully far away!  They have sung for me, danced for me, run races (with me counting out the seconds), written precious notes to me—they have loved me!  Sheri has been my good friend as we have simply lived life together for a few hours each week.  Today Sheri and Josh and Nyah came with these flowers you see, and loving notes, as well.  Thank you, Dear Friends.  I love you, too! . . . . jlt

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