Deadlines are our friends

Yes, deadlines are our friends.   The alternative is to see them as enemies which just is not true.  If one were to live in the permanent and continuing stress of the period of time just before a deadline, emotional and physical collapse would result.  The reaching and then the passing of a deadline relieves us of some responsibility and provides us an opportunity to move on to something new.

Greenbo Lake

Having something “perfect” before a deadline is a debilitating dream that mitigates against the quality that we so industriously seek.  Now immediately someone will tell me that I am settling for the shabby old doctrine of “good enough.”  No, I am settling for as “good as the time and circumstances and good planning allow.”  I am presuming appropriate good effort in a timely way before the deadline, and then a willingness to accept the consequences.

Deadlines are not the days to do the job.  They are the days when the job is supposed to have already been completed.  I think the grammar here is called “past perfect.”  Think about that.

Good planning requires anticipation and figuring out what effort and attention has to be delegated to a particular task ahead of the deadline.  Starting to bake a cake at 5 p.m. for a 6 p.m. dinner will probably not work.  Learning how to use the new printer on the day the term paper is due may end up in a botched assignment.

Let us then give attention to planning ahead and welcome the deadlines as our friends and as guides and agents of freedom.

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1 Response to Deadlines are our friends

  1. T L Thomas says:

    This looks good. Seems that the system is working as it should.

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