A day at the Ontario Science Centre

Yesterday my friend, Sheri, and I went to the Ontario Science Center–along with Josh (7?) and Nyah (5).  We had a great time!  Sheri had managed to get free entrance for us (courtesy of the Toronto public library system)–which made me happy.  Almost everything at the science center is hands on and very kid-friendly.  We started in the grocery store where kids could pick out “real” food and pay for it at a “real” cash register with all the appropriate sounds.  Moving on, there was a superb display about outer space including a half hour mini-planetarium presentation.  Later we viewed a special presentation, Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters.  This was particularly interesting in light of the crisis in Japan right now.  And there were magnets, a pulley system, a mirror that made me dream of better days!–and lots of stuff like that.  A great day with wonderful friends.  Thanks, Sheri!

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