Mulling over our transition

Today we are back in Wilmore and we attended WFMC this morning. It is quite different than Bayview Glen Alliance. And, I must say, WFMC “wins.” In fact Wilmore wins in so many ways over Toronto. Maybe the biggest difference is that the culture here is just friendlier. We are loved and many people care about us. And the weather is so much better! Still, it is hard. I feel anxious coming back. Why is that?

Don’t misunderstand. For me, personally, going to Toronto has been a wonderful experience. I love the communal life of our world on Tyndale’s sixth floor. I love being grandma/mom to our two adopted families there. I love exploring the big city–there’s a never ending world to discover.  But it is not always easy.  For example, there is no pleasant chit chat in the grocery line; sometimes just a struggle to communicate!  Our church there has many good people, but to this point we can only claim one couple as true friends, outside the Tyndale world.

I’m really not looking forward to the disruption of life that our move will precipitate. I don’t really know well how to anticipate life beyond May. I do think it will be good, but I’m not eager to fall back into the same patterns of “the before”; I don’t really just want to keep doing the same things for the rest of my life–until I die. Not that I anticipate that it will really be that way. We now will have more freedom than ever to do all the fun things we’ve wanted to do, and hopefully the money will be there for my crazy dreams! So, yes, I do think it will be good . . . but the unknown is still a little unsettling.

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