My new business

I’ve decided to start a business–be it a very little business.  I’ve wanted to have my own business for a long time–maybe a bit of an unrealistic dream, but true.  I’ve been doing more and more sewing since I’ve been here in Canada.  I want to do something that still enables us to travel.  So I’m planning to start selling things on and I’m thinking doll clothes to start.  Doll clothes take only a small amount of fabric so my overhead is low, and if I’m lucky I can make a piece in a day.  Still not at all cost effective, but ya gotta start somewhere!  My business name is Hillside Laughter.

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2 Responses to My new business

  1. Dale Ball says:

    I love the idea! It is a great idea! Remember the label/ribbon to identify each and every wonderful creation!

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